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i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze police standoff on treasure island. ramps to the bay bridge are closed now it began before midnight when police began chasing a suspect. amy hollyfield is live near the scene at the bay bridge. >> reporter: take a look behind me. see the red lights? that is where a chp officer is on the bay bridge blocking that exit to treasure island. this is going into the city, coming from oakland. this is westbound. traffic moving around it okay. be aware that you cannot exit on to treasure island. officials realize that traffic is okay now but the commute hours are coming, they realize this could change. here's why this is happening. police are trying to stop a man at bush street they were told he was armed, this was in san francisco, they say he took off. while he was trying to escape, he shot at the police officers
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at least once. they followed him to treasure island. they say he jumped out of his car and now he's threatening suicide. police say he's on the shoreline in treasure island, before the guard booth before that vista area if you have been to the island you know what area i'm speaking about. they say it is too dangerous to let people in and out they are afraid he might fire. right now fresh island is on lockdown, no one allowed in or off, people live on treasure island so this is causing an inconvenience that will only get larger as the morning progresses and people need to get somewhere. i spoke with a man stuck in the city with his two roommates. he's trying to get home to treasure island. he's at the police station now trying to see if he can find shelter and food. never trying to work with the red cross to help people find a place to go. i asked police what are you
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going to do when people need to get to work? he said he realizes that hour is coming and they are discussing options. they say it is not safe, they are too afraid at what this man might do. they have hostage negotiators, crisis negotiators talking to him, crying to negotiate with him, trying to convince -- trying to negotiate with him, trying to convince him to surrender. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. good morning i'm sue hall. as you heard amy say no one getting on or off the island, off-ramps closed east and westbound bay bridge as the commute gets underway this will be a problem. elsewhere we have other police activity in milpitas, jacqueline road closed between north milpitas and arizona avenue, you want to avoid this area as well. macarthur maze closure for
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roadwork, westbound 580 to eastbound 80 until 5:00 this morning. golden gate bridge fog-free, roadwork at the northern earned. hardly anyone coming into san francisco now westbound. good morning. live doppler 7 hd this morning picking up a lot of cloud cover around the bay we will be dry for another day. this morning not as foggy, we still have fog in the north and east bay, napa quarter mile visibility, concord 2 1/2 miles, fairfield a half mile elsewhere these numbers decrease throughout some of the morning hours, early morning hours, then we should be in good shape as the skies begin to thin out, the clouds. 50 fremont, 39 fairfield, 53 downtown, narrow range temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, partly cloudy the rain and wind heads our way
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tomorrow morning, out of here by midday and more rain late tomorrow. breaking news from milpitas several streets are blocked while police investigate a confrontation that reportedly resulted in gun . one of the crime scenes near the intersection of jacqueline road where kautz kauz -- where katie marzullo is right now. this is still developing. >> reporter: very much so. milpitas police aren't telling us anything. i can show you what is happening, this is jacqueline road, crime scene investigators confering on the island of jacqueline road. as i heard sue mention, the jacqueline road is closed several blocks in each direction milpitas way and arizona. police won't tell us what they are investigating, there are report there is was a shooting. the chp has confirmed for us
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that milpitas police did issue a be on the lookout for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with police. meaning, he shot at police and officers shot at him. this is from the chp. police do not know whether or not they hit this suspect. best we can tell at this time, there is an armed suspect on the loose in milpitas. police are looking for this man. we have calls into milpitas police and we will bring you an update as soon as we have more information. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we'll continue to follow that. meantime, sea of blue expected at a redwood city high school following the death of a student. a facebook movement is underway asking students to wear blue today to honor 14-year-old leyla beban she was hit and killed while
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riding her bike to school yesterday morning. she was hit by a pick-up. witnesses say it was foggy and the roads were slick. she slid and fell beneath the rear tires of the truck. a classmate says the news has shaken everyone who knew her. >> very nice, always had a smile. she was very friendly to everyone. seemed like she got along well with other kids. >> by all accounts the woodside freshman had a bright future. we are told she spoke three languages and had recently taken up fencing. a south bay gym will be open following a scare that evacuated a building. firefighters say 8 to 10 people reported breathing problems. haz-mat team swept the women's locker room, but didn't find
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anything toxic. a firefighter told us somebody may have put too much eucalyptus oil on the sauna rocks. no one went to the hospital. 15-year-old due to be arraigned tomorrow, a murder of a campbell man, three armed robberies and shootout that wounded a police officer his name has not been released due to his age the district attorney office has not said whether he will be charged as minor or . the teen was arrested after a weeklong -- manhunt police say he partnered with 26-year-old san jose resident jonathan wilbanks arrested after the shootout with police. the pair is charged with the shooting death of rory parkpet if i ford during a carjacking attempt. -- wilbanks faces special circumstances that could make him eligible for the death penalty. members of the oakland city council are hoping to beef up the city's graffiti
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laws, new ordinance to make violations a misdemeanor instead of infraction. they want to make parents of underaged violators liable for damages. current city code does not include any penalties against vandals. 4:38. pretty cold once again not as foggy as yesterday. >> that's right. we are giving you 24 hours to prepare for the rain moving in. good morning this is probably the strongest cold front we will have seen all season. it is going to come in and out quickly with a quick burst of rain, high winds, wind advisory posted by the national weather service for this system tomorrow morning. right now, we are cloudy and dry, live doppler 7 hd, this morning, picking up all the cloud cover, it is a little foggy not as foggy as we were yesterday.
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visibility in the south bay, even at our coast 10 miles, north bay low visibility, quarter of a mile, 1/2 concord, half mile around fairfield, i expect some of this to stay throughout much of the morning hours still slow going in spots in the east bay, by the delta, grab the coat, 39 fairfield, lower and mid 50s along our coast. 54 in mountain view, 50 san jose. sense of the timing from 4:00 tomorrow morning, when the wind advisory starts for winds up to 45 miles an hour. cold front 8:00, it is out ahead of us, behind us by the noon hour. that bulk of the morning from 4 to 11, rainiest activity. today dry, upper 50s to low 60s. bay bridge toll is very light heading into san francisco, a few cars westbound upper deck we have
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treasure island off-ramps closed, i'll explain in a second. southbound 101 through marin pardon me north san rafael past freitas parkway light traffic roadwork southbound beginning cortamadera, two lanes cordoned off southbound, three lanes northbound until 5:30 this morning. police activity, amy hollyfield is there, westbound and eastbound treasure island off-ramps, closed. on-ramps are open the problem is on treasure island the main thoroughfare is blocked by the police so you can't access the bay bridge those past the road closure on t.i. and yerba buena island can get towards the bay bridge past the road closure. police activity in milpitas, jacqueline road between north milpitas and arizona avenue closed avoid the area there as well. 4:41. next, the important
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meeting today between u.n. ambassador susan rice and lawmakers over the deadly consulate attack in benghazi that killed chris stevens. record breaking cyber monday. new stats find more of us are logging on to holiday deals. >> first the tech bites. >> don't look for the nintendo wii-u at stories for a while it sold out in its first week more than 400,000 units nintendo is shipping more but can make them fast enough. watchdog groups urging facebook to stop proposed policy changes they say it will be easier for advertisers to get users' personal data and worry users can no longer vote on changes. facebook and other social media sites used to promote charitable donations and volunteers organizers say a day forgiving thanks this is a
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good morning. series of storm systems are headed our way first one arrives tomorrow. here's the second one that comes in thursday night. a third slated for the weekend. wind advisory posted as well, two for tomorrow morning. today we're dry, temperatures in upper 50s to low 60s. 4:45. this morning san jose police still looking for two robbers who got more than they bargained for when a jewelry store owner opened fire on them. two armed men entered the store yesterday morning and
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demanded items from the female owner. instead, she fired at the robbers who took off in a dark colored suv nobody was hurt. investigators looking at video with the hope of identifying the criminals. san jose police looking for two who got more than they bargained for when a jewelry store owner opened fire on them, they enter the store and demanded items from the female owner. instead, she fired at the robbers who ran out and escaped in a dark colored suv no one was injured. investigators are looking at video with the hope of identifying the criminals. u.n. ambassador rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attack. one meeting will be with senator mccain one of the most vocal critics. she came fire for saying it was a spontaneous attack
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triggered by anger over an american-made anti-muslim video instead it was planned. we have learned it was a coordinated by al-qaeda affiliates. the intelligence community is responsible for not releasing that information, right way. lawmakers back at work on capitol hill trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. the biggest obstacle to a deal is a pledge of no tax increases of any kind that virtually every elected republican has signed. grover norquist is behind that pledge considered one of the most powerful men in washington and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign the pledge. with fiscal calamity on the horizon some gop lawmakers are changing their tune. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country. >> president has made clear, he will not sign a bill that extents the bush era tax cuts for those making more than
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$250,000. >> some republicans open to breaking the say they will do it by closing tax loopholes they say entitlement reform has to be part of the discussion. both sides are counting on negotiators to find common ground. if you have a lot of holiday errands you may want to get it done today before the storm gates open. we have three systems that are headed our way over the next several days. first tomorrow morning doppler showing all the cloud cover this morning. we are looking dry, we may see sprinkles throughout the shoreline today, otherwise the fog once again across the bay that is limiting visibility from concord to napa, fairfield half mile, quarter of a mile napa, 2 1/2 miles in concord, elsewhere better towards the airport, half moon bay we could see delays here probably not like
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what we experienced yesterday. we will be looking at temperatures in the narrow range, upper 30s now, 51 redwood city. all around the bay today, cloud cover, trying to thin out by the afternoon. with a few sprinkles along the coast the main rain holds off until tomorrow morning the wind as well, gusty winds tomorrow. here's a look at that fog, it tries to thin out, we'll call it mostly to partly cloudy this afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s. then get out that rain gear. [ inaudible ] not impacting your commute as badly as it was. live shot of the san mateo bridge traffic moving nicely both directions tail lights towards foster city up the highrise headlights towards hayward clear, no fog on the san mateo bridge. earlier closure west 580 to eastbound 80 for roadwork
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reopened. cars are flowing on to eastbound 80, no delays macarthur maze, no problems bay bridge toll on the bay bridge you will not be able to exit west or eastbound treasure island off-ramps closed due to police activity. on-ramps open, treasure island roadblocked on the island, due to the police activity, major access road no getting on or off the island now. amy hollyfield is there and we'll update you on that activity. in milpitas, road closure due to police activity jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona avenue, shutdown, please avoid that area as well. online retailers are celebrating cyber monday as biggest online shopping day in history. shoppers spent an estimated 1 1/2 billion dollars on the day that has become a new holiday buying tradition. almost 26% increase in
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spending from last year. most popular purchases, according to paypal, parallel, jewelry, then electronics. -- holiday shopping season in full swing, many retailers hoping, shopping for holiday help at san francisco's galleria, hiring signs are out, more than a third of the nation's retailers plan to hire more seasonal help this year, 600,000 workers are already employeed. >> warehousing, packaging, shipping them out, vast majority. >> i guess it shows that a lot of people are still shopping. >> if you are looking for extra work or extra cash for the holidays head for the malls, retailers are desperately calling temp agencies for help. next, feds take action against popular peanut butter maker. what led regulators to shut it
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down. have you ever forgotten where you parked in a crowded lot. the different ways men and women go about finding it.
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doppler is quiet, a lot of cloud cover the fog will be an issue in our east bay valleys, conditions better than yesterday morning 2 1/2 mile visibility in concord half mile in fairfield, quarter mile in napa. there are areas of dense fog with improving conditions around sfo for now, this could change, we are looking at that cloud cover throughout the day maybe a few sprinkles along the coast. if you head out this morning, chilly by the delta, upper 30s, warmer around the bay with low
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50s there by this afternoon, some of that cloud cover things out around the bay lower 60s in san jose 62 in oakland 60 san francisco maybe a few drops throughout the evening, very vigorous cold front to head our way early tomorrow morning. going to the golden gate bridge, crews are in the process of picking up roadwork and reconfiguring your southbound commute, one lane northbound due to roadwork on the northern end of the span, southbound you will have four lanes right now just two the crews are moving slowly replacing cones in the southbound direction. san jose headlights headed northbound 87 past hp pavillion, no problems, no metering lights at the bay bridge. on the span roadwork in cortamadera north and southbound 101 police activity on the bay bridge westbound and eastbound treasure island
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off-ramps closed. they are asking that you avoid the area. nobody can get on or off the island now due to this police activity. amy hollyfield will give us an update in a little bit. 4:55. federal authorities have shutdown a company that produces trader joe's organic peanut butter, fda found salmonella contamination at sunlands new mexico processing facility, they sell to trader joe's, safeway and whole foods, among other stores, 41 people in 20 states, mostly children became sick. sunland will have to prove the facilities are salmonella-free before they can open up again. gma will have more at 7 a.m.. how many times have you walked around a shopping mall parking lot because you forgot where you parked? >> lots of times. >> me too. new study says men and women have different strategies to
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remember where they parked. researchers tested more than 100 shoppers, women use landmarks to recognize where they parked. men tend to remember how far away they parked. both are helped by parking close to the entrance or in a favorite spot. aiming straight for the heart of the female market, honda offering new small car designed specifically for women. it comes in pink and a few other colors, a company executive says it complements a woman's make-up, saying it can prevent wrinkles with a windshield that cuts 99% of the sun's rays and air conditioning is supposed to protect skin from drying out, the car retails for $17,5500 for now only available in japan.
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federal government is reviewing southern resident killer whales, their pods near the san juan islands north of seattle they were listed as endangered in 2005. a california group says the whales are part of a larger orca population worldwide. the government has a year to decide. next, ongoing standoff breaking news we continue to follow between police and main with a gun on treasure island. the impact on dozens who cannot get home to treasure island. the important court date for an accused vallejo cop
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